3 tools to boost productivity

1.) 1Password


If you are like me, you struggle with remembering and updating your passwords. Are you still tracking passwords in a spreadsheet or on piece of paper taped to the back of your keyboard? 1Password stores your password, pins and credit card information and is encrypted so your digital life is secure. 


2.) SaneBox


Do you constantly get blasted with spam emails and newsletters. Sanebox can help. Sanebox optimizes your inbox by analyzing your past activity and emails to infer which emails matter to you. Then, Sanebox will prioritize your inbox and move the unimportant emails to a separate folder in our inbox. 



3.) Teamly


For starters, Teamly gives team’s complete visibility into all projects. This saves time by allowing people to locate information quickly and by eliminating redundant questions – or the need to ask in the first place – about details that employees can find for themselves. Teamly simply lets team members get things done. Members can communicate easily and hold all their conversations within one convenient platform. Tasks are kept organized in straightforward channels (#marketing, #finance, #sales, for example).Anyone can quickly assess progress on any particular task, which helps to keep projects moving forward as fast as possible. On Teamly, team members have the freedom to chat person to person, on channels, or in tasks. Imagine combining the better elements of Slack with greater project management tools, and you’ll understand the great potential of  Teamly. You can throw away that checklist because the app allows you to quickly see what work you need to do and what work your team needs to do.