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Enterprise Collaboration Tools for the Modern Business

2018 the standards have been raised. Working smarter, being more ethical and transparent are more of a priority than ever before. There are hundreds of IT tools for the modern enterprise that have been developed to assist these priorities, but for many it can end up looking like this:

Email for main communication

A platform for chat (such as Skype)

At least one tool for creating documents and reports (Word, Excel etc) 

Various places to find files, then usually back to email for sharing those files

Another platform for business intelligence

A tool or platform for team task management

Classic collaboration for a project

A great foundation for your team members to work from 

A single platform to keep track of everything and monitor the progress in real-time.

No more sifting through emails for updates on tasks, plus your own projects and tasks are dynamically organized so you can see clearly.

Centralized communication, so you are not scrolling back through Skype or searching email threads and becoming distracted.

Project collaboration with TEAMLY

We keep it simple, so your brain power can be spent on the project, not the tools.
If you’re looking to collaborate successfully with talented people, anywhere in the world, using a task management system with project collaboration tools under one roof will provide:

Whether you’re looking for the best collaboration tool for a team of 3, or you want good collaboration tools for organizations on a large scale, there’s one thing to remember:

Any tool or platform won’t be much use unless it’s leveraged to work for your unique team.

That’s quite a bit of platform switching and doesn’t include specialist tools such as design tools. What it does do is leave room for wasted time and miss-communication. That is why we call it the old way of working.

TEAMLY is flexible enough to create customized task channels for different departments, products, initiatives and vendors, with fast search filters.

View your priorities and to-do lists in either calendar, task or table view, where you can use the custom filters and quickly drill down into projects.

The team task board allows you to see clearly what everyone is working on, so you never miss a thing. 

Collaborative Project Management

Why is collaboration important within a company?

If you are not sure why collaboration would be beneficial to your company, here are three reasons to consider:

Access to more talent

Collaborating online gives you have opportunity to work with just about any talent you may be looking for, anywhere in the world.

Innovative Ideas

The good thing (and hard thing) about collaboration is the different personalities with different opinions, but that’s where innovation springs from. Your ideas combined with others can have a much bigger impact.

More adaptive

Things can change quickly in any industry. To adapt to the changes, strong team work is essential. Your team members will find it much easier to cope with any changes if collaboration is in full flow.

Imagine you are starting an important project and you have delegated tasks to your team. It’s considered ‘normal’ to then wait for updates and hope that it will be ready by deadline.

With real-time collaboration, there is no waiting and hoping. You can see what your team is working on and monitor the progress, as it happens. This saves time with no back and forth emails, plus any corrections can be made faster.

Is real-time collaboration truly useful to my enterprise?

How to Increase Knowledge Sharing and Improve Your Team’s Collaboration in the Work Place

Less than a decade ago, this way of collaborating was unheard of. But now, things are changing and it’s becoming more unusual not to have the most efficient systems in place.

When you find the right people to work with, give them the most professional way for them to do that.

Enterprise collaboration software provides a dedicated "hub" to work from and has everything they need on one platform. So you can dramatically reduce time spent in email and miss-communications to improve client services as a result.

Knowledge sharing is crucial to the success of most businesses. Having an organized and quick way to store, find and share knowledge on one platform, will make any collaboration project run smoother.

Nobody wants to be spending time waiting for communication or getting frustrated searching for the info and files they need.

Make it easy for everyone in the enterprise to gain the knowledge, communicate and find/share files with TEAMLY.

Do I need a strategy to implement TEAMLY Collaboration Platform?

Possibly, if there are many people involved and they have become used to your current systems, although it doesn’t have to be complicated.

It’s helpful to let everyone know that the collaboration software is being implemented to make projects more flexible, transparent and organized.

Implementing a new system without explaining why, may not garner the enthusiasm you expected, and your team might miss out on the full benefits.

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