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I saw the need for Teamly in my last company; managing a team of 12 people involved lots of communication, meetings, and updates, but I couldn’t hold it all in my head. While reading an excellent article about Wal-Mart’s CEO, Mike Duke, I came across a real-world example of how he follows what’s going on with his 8 direct reports:

[Mike Duke] is similarly meticulous when it comes to preparation. On a credenza Duke keeps eight red folders, one for every direct report. On the outside of each, his assistant puts a small, color-coded Post-it note with the name of the executive and the time of his or her next meeting written neatly in pen. One day in early August, Duke’s folder for Brian Cornell, the chief executive of Sam’s Club, included sales figures, a note with some questions Duke had about the real estate purchasing strategy at Sam’s, and an e-mail from a club member complaining that the retailer’s private-label Member’s Mark facial tissue gets stuck in the box and doesn’t come out properly. “Brian’s team identified that as a real problem,” says Duke. “And I said, ‘Great, now that we’ve identified the problem, when are we going to solve it?’ And I keep this in here until Brian tells me it’s solved. It’s a follow-up mechanism.”

I’m going to keep sharing these insights when I come across them. If you have any to suggest please do so in the comments below.

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The full article, “Meet the CEO of the Biggest Company on Earth“, appeared in Fortune magazine and was written by Brian O’Keefe.

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