Teamly Projects for tibbr

In the latest release of Teamly, we have added new project management capabilities.

Gantt charts
Schedule your project tasks. Simple drag and drop style interface for planning when the various parts of your project need to be completed.

Sub tasking
Break down large tasks into smaller more manageable parts. You can then distribute sub tasks across a team.

Project hashtags
Create tasks within a project on the fly using project hashtags. For instance, you can post on the wall “Where do I find the TPS memo covers? #question” and your question would automatically get picked up and placed in the question project, along with the question workflow.

Project oversight
See projects at a glance on the Projects tab. Projects you are involved with are highlighted in the left column but all projects show the level of completion and give warning of thing that have become overdue.

Additionally, each project has an activity stream listing all the changes to tasks within a project.

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Improve and Simplify Your Employee Reviews inside tibbr

Regular checkins between managers and their direct reports are a great way to provide continuous feedback, and means there won’t be any surprise when it comes time to do the annual review. But most companies don’t operate this way, preferring to leave everything to the end of the year and do a “thorough” review instead. It’s a waste of time for everyone, no one can remember anything but the last few months! And there’s the feeling in the back of everyone’s minds that this is nothing but a pointless exercise, driven by the company’s fear of compliance rather than a genuine desire to develop employees skills and performance. We wrote about this on the tibbr blog: Why Businesses Should Stop the Annual Performance Review

So is there a better way? Absolutely! Our new Social Performance Management solution inside of tibbr now gives you an easy way to have regular conversations, and quickly store the outcome of those inside our Reviews module. Complexity is the enemy of quick and meaningful discussions, so we’ve pared it back to keep it simple and relevant. The result is something that quickly becomes meaningful and a helpful contribution to employee relations.

Teamly manager review

Use Teamly Reviews to monitor career development plans for all your direct reports, and see everyone at a glance from the management page. From here you can quickly access past reviews, as well as see when the next review is due.

Teamly career development plans

The screenshot above shows a Career Development Plan for Ben. On the left hand side you can see the goals set at his last review. The right hand side is where the new goals are recorded, along with the comments from both Ben and his manager.

In the near future Teamly Reviews will use the rich information already stored in tibbr and Teamly to help prepare a review for you. Instead of staring at a blank sheet of paper, Teamly will aggregate messages of Recognition received, and goals completed, to provide a much truer picture of an employee’s performance throughout the year.

For more information on Teamly Reviews, watch this short video:

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The Value of Publicly Saying “Thank You” at Work

“Thank you” are two simple words everyone likes to hear! Why? Because we all appreciate being recognized for our effort. Feeling unappreciated sucks! Hearing those magic words of praise is a powerful motivator, which drives us to do more.

Companies that have an internal social network often see these types of messages, it’s just a reflection of the types of things colleagues are saying to each other in person. On the social network the benefit is that these messages can have a wider audience, leading to public recognition for your efforts. Previously, these messages might be hidden forever inside email.

Empower your employees and encourage them to send messages of thanks inside tibbr!

Tag messages with #thanks

Teamly Recognition is a part of our Social Performance Management solution designed for tibbr. Employees can use it to send messages of thanks to each other from the “Thanks” tab inside Teamly, or from within any post on the tibbr wall, by tagging the message with #thanks. The benefit of sending thanks with Teamly is that we’ll automatically save those messages against the right person’s Teamly profile. At the next employee review managers will see an aggregated view of all the feedback received (and sent) by that person! It’s a great way to quickly see how engaged and valued that person is.

Check out this video which shows how Teamly Thanks works together with tibbr:

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Smart and Social Goal Management inside tibbr

Research from Bersin By Deloitte found that companies which revisit goals for employees quarterly, outperform those which set goals annually by more than 30%. So why doesn’t every company do this? Whatever you call it, Management By Objectives can be cumbersome. Managers usually wrestle with multiple spreadsheets and there’s a lot of manual effort involved in collecting, tracking and then reviewing such goals.

With Teamly Goals, part of our Social Performance Management product inside of tibbr, the process of creating, tracking and reviewing goals is made really easy!

In this screenshot, Ben sees his goals on the left hand side (current at the top, completed at the bottom). On the right hand side, “Subject” goals can be used by management to cascade down corporate goals, keeping everyone – quite literally – on the same page.

Global view of all your goals

Creating a goal in Teamly is simple, and we support the well-known SMART framework:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Furthermore, a goal can be broken down into smaller chunks, or tasks. These tasks will  also appear inside your regular Teamly Tasks list, so you’ll never miss them.

An individual goal with associated tasks

You can even assign a specific task to a colleague, useful because it’s rarely the case a goal is entirely within your own control.

Because of the way tasks and goals connect together, as each individual task is marked as complete the progress of the related goal will be updated. It’s a quick and easy way to see how you’re doing at a glance.

The final step is to mark the goal itself as complete. When you do you’ll be asked if you want to share on the tibbr wall. A great way to share your achievement and to collect feedback from colleagues!

sharing a completed on the tibbr wall

To see Teamly Goals in action, watch this short video:

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