New: Manage and suggest tasks and view uncompleted priorities

We’ve now added a major new component to Teamly as a result of user feedback!

Introducing Tasks

The new Tasks tab is for recording all your tasks and is also where your colleagues can suggest things to you. Once you’ve decided which are most important you can promote them to the main Priorities tab, or simply tick them off the list here.

Make suggestions to colleagues

You can also suggest a Task to a colleague by clicking on the Team tab, selecting their name, clicking on Tasks, and finally type in the box, and choose “add new task”.

The important thing to note is that at all times you remain in control of your Priorities dashboard, this is where you identify, commit to and share your top 5 priorities for the day, week and month.

View Uncompleted Priorities

Another handy new feature we’ve added as a result of user feedback is that you can now view all uncompleted Priorities by clicking on “See my uncompleted priorities” at the bottom of your Priorities dashboard. From here you can update the status, or copy it to another period.

In the next few weeks we have more updates planned, so please continue to let us know what you think:

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  1. Chuck Bell says:

    With this addition of task management, Teamly ascends to the top shelf of personal and professional organizational tools. Great job!

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