New: Printable reports and many other improvements

In the last 2 weeks a number of  improvements have been made as a result of feedback from our users. Combined, the improvements make Teamly an even more useful product and easier to use!

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Print Reports:

It is now possible to print monthly reports, for yourself, and your colleagues. These list monthly and weekly priorities, and shows stats for all your priorities. These are ideal for reviewing how well you or your colleagues are doing, and complement formal HR reviews nicely.

  • To print  your own, scroll to the bottom of the Priorities or Statistics page and select which month you want to view a report for.
  • To print a report for a colleague, click on Team or Users, select the person by name, and scroll down to the Print date selector.

Easier navigation in Team view:

When looking at your team you can now view daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly priorities for the last and next periods, not just the current period.

  • Where? Click on Team then View All

View when your colleagues last activity on Teamly took place:

When browing the list of Users in your company account you can now see when their last activity was, so you can quickly identify anyone not using Teamly. The Users page lists everyone in your company account, their job title, and email address.

Improved accessibility for those with color blindess

3 priorities in green, orange and red, with text labelsTeamly uses red, green and orange to identify the current status of your Priorities, but if you have a degree of color blindness you may not be aware of this. You can now turn on a new feature where text status labels  will appear at the end of every Priority. To enable this click on Settings and check the relevant box:

Improved Commenting:

Now you can see when a Comment has been left by you, or your manager, as the comment bubble will stay permanently next to the Priority.

Quarterly priorities:

You can now enter your top five Priorities for each quarter, so you can take your Priorities to an even more strategic level.

Reminder emails at the start of each day, week or month:

Teamly now sends emails in the morning to remind you of your pre-planned priorities, or to set some. Reminders for the week and month are turned on by default, but you can choose when or if you want to receive them, and also choose to receive daily reminders. To configure visit the Settings page and choose Email Notifications.

View and hide uncompleted Priorities:

You can now easily see any Priorities which were not marked as “complete”, and either update the status if you forgot, or copy back to your Priority dashboard in a new timeslot.

Click on “See my uncompleted priorities”, at the bottom of the Priorities dashboard. You can also “Hide” any that are no longer relevant, either one by one, or clear your entire backlog by clicking on “Hide All”. Please note that you can only update the status of current Priorities and those from the last period. The exception is daily Priorities where you now have 7 days to do this from creation.

More flexibility with five priorities:

You can now always ensure that your Priorities are up-to-date and relevant as Priorities marked as Abandoned no longer count towards the limit of 5 per period. Effectively this means you can abandon and create as many times as you wish.

Improved email reports now include your team members:

We have now updated the end-of-day emails to include your team members’ Priorities as well. You can choose when, or if you want to receive these by visiting Settings and then clicking on Email Notifications.

Let us know know what you think of these improvements:

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Other Teamly news:

Teamly was profiled last month by The Guardian, one of the UK’s top newspapers.

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  1. Chuck Bell says:

    How pleasing it is to see an organization that is constantly seeking to improve by appealing to its customers for ideas and input. What is most impressive is that customer ideas are USED when improvements are made. Bravo to Teamly! You understand good business.

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