Effective team management

In a recent article on Forbes.com, Marc Compeau, Director, Reh Center For Entrepreneurship at the Clarkson School Of Business discusses effective team management:

As the manager of a diverse team I have found the absolute best way to increase productivity is to take the time to provide very clear expectations up front.  So much time is wasted working on projects that, while perhaps worthy, don’t move the organization in the direction it needs to move.

Our 30-minute (maximum) meeting agenda is always the same:

  • What did you accomplish last week?
  • What will you accomplish next week?
  • What do you need from any other member of the team?

The outcome of this approach is highly efficient team that enjoys their work because they know what is expected, they know how they contribute and there is tremendous freedom and independence—as long as the weekly report is a good one.

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