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A recent study reported by CNN found that how you deal with electronic communication in your life affects your stress level, and therefore your on the job performance.

Researchers at Stanford and Boston University found that it isn’t the actual amount of e-mail you get, but what you do with it that matters when it comes to making you feel behind or out of the loop in the workplace.

What matters is how much time you spend responding to email.

“People who got stressed out had to spend a lot of time reading it and writing,” Prof. Stine Grodal of BU’s School of Management told CNN. “The way that it piles up makes us believe that e-mail is the enemy, the thing that is driving us crazy,” Grodal said.

Teamly advisor and business coach, Cameron Herold says:

Stop the insanity of checking email first thing everyday. Yes, email is great. Yes, email helps us. However, the people getting the most done are not checking email first thing in the morning, nor are they checking email throughout the day.

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