New features for Teamly

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to improve Teamly! Here’s a thorough run-down of some of the key changes:

New user interface – With the new look Teamly you can now see your top priorities, tasks for later and also leftover items, all on the one page, with separate views for Day, Week, Month, Quarter. Priorities remain at the top, and stand out from the other items which are grouped together. Teamly is now even easier than ever to use for everyday organizing.  

New Layout shows Priorities, Leftovers and Tasks For Later all on one page

Overview lets you look at everything on one page, which helps you plan. (Classic view remains for those who prefer it).

Visibility – It’s even easier to see what your colleagues are working on thanks to the new news feed, you can still access your team with the existing navigation but the feed shows you at a glance what’s going on, and provide direct links to comment on an item.


Suggest – You can now send task suggestions to your colleagues, even if they’re not already using Teamly! Simply click on suggest and enter their name or email address. We’ll send an email notification and you’ll be able to follow their progress by checking back on this page.


Mobile – When you sign in to your Teamly account from your mobile phone we’ll display an optimized view which is faster to load and removes a lot of non-essential stuff.


Tasks – When you think of something you need to get done, just send an email to and enter the description of the item in the Subject line of the email.


Yammer integration – Share individual accomplishments with colleagues on your company’s Yammer network. Once you mark something as complete just hit the Yammer icon that appears.


Share your progress anytime – Create “report cards” showing what you got done, and share them with colleagues on Yammer or by email, or even externally on public social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Just click on the Create Report button above your Priority list.


What users are saying about Teamly:

“Simplicity is the key. Teamly is so simple and effective.”
Alireza Masrour, Investment Manager, Plug and Play Tech Center


“We use it to communicate, see what’s going on and encourage people to manage themselves better.”
Bill Kahrs, COO, Tout About Toys

If you’d like to find out more about Teamly please book a spot on one of our upcoming webinars, or visit our support forum where you can Report a BugAsk a Question or Suggest a Feature.

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