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Improve and Simplify Your Employee Reviews inside tibbr

Regular checkins between managers and their direct reports are a great way to provide continuous feedback, and means there won’t be any surprise when it comes time to do the annual review. But most companies don’t operate this way, preferring to leave everything to the end of the year and do a “thorough” review instead. It’s [...]

The Value of Publicly Saying “Thank You” at Work

“Thank you” are two simple words everyone likes to hear! Why? Because we all appreciate being recognized for our effort. Feeling unappreciated sucks! Hearing those magic words of praise is a powerful motivator, which drives us to do more. Companies that have an internal social network often see these types of messages, it’s just a reflection [...]

Smart and Social Goal Management inside tibbr

Research from Bersin By Deloitte found that companies which revisit goals for employees quarterly, outperform those which set goals annually by more than 30%. So why doesn’t every company do this? Whatever you call it, Management By Objectives can be cumbersome. Managers usually wrestle with multiple spreadsheets and there’s a lot of manual effort involved in [...]

Webinar: Engage Your Employees Everyday and Kill the Annual Review

Register now for our upcoming webinar: May 30, 2013 at 10am Pacific. With the transition to a knowledge economy employees are the most important asset of nearly every company, so why are we still doing annual reviews the same way we always have? This webinar will outline the trends in Human Capital Management (HCM) and [...]
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