Teamly Tasks – Follow a Task and View Full Change History

When you use an enterprise social network like tibbr, there will be many people collaborating to solve problems which usually ends up with an action for someone to perform. This is where Teamly comes in, we help you manage these tasks, and even turn them into projects. This provides for an extremely effective work environment because you’re not just talking about work, but doing it as well!

Creating a task from a wall post

For full transparency, Teamly will link back to the original discussion about a task, and in our latest release we’ve added Task History view too. You can now see the full change log of a particular issue.

Task History view inside tibbr and Teamly

As you can see all tasks get a complete history. You can see who made changes and you can see how the values changed.

To top it off you can also subscribe (or unsubscribe) to these changes by following a task. As a follower of a task you will be notified by a private message on your tibbr wall. You can then use that post to discuss the change and its impacts, or in many case just feel better knowing a job you commissioned got completed.

Follow a task to receive updates inside tibbr

Try Teamly tasks in tibbr today. You can enjoy a risk free 30 day trial by installing Teamly task from the tibbr marketplace.


Managing Tasks Inside tibbr with Custom Workflows

Teamly now supports custom workflows inside tibbr; that’s right, you can now design and edit the way tasks in your company get completed.¬†Wondering what that means? The benefit is you can map your processes directly on to your tasks.

Here are a couple of examples:

Questions workflow, we have observed many people using tibbr to ask questions. Now we have a workflow to ensure questions get answers. By default accounts start with a project “questions”. So, that means if you put “#question” in your tibbr post, it will setup all the required tracking.


Bugs workflows. Again, we have seen companies using tibbr to talk about bugs in code and systems. These conversations can now be tracked to resolution meaning more happy customers and less problems.

Interested to see how workflows are created, checkout our YouTube video on creating Teamly workflows.

Have another idea for a workflow? Tell us about it in the comments!


tibbr Teamly tasks and projects

In the latest release of Teamly tasks we introduced projects.

So what are Teamly projects?

They are about actual projects within your company, unlike subjects which are about accountably. Projects are for grouping tasks within a scope. For instance a key customer, a significant process or well, a project.

What are the key benefits of projects?

Projects come with both a custom default workflow and a quick access #command. As well as letting you group all the tasks within a project for organization and management.

How can projects be used?

So lets take a use case, writing a blog your company. The project is called blog. Somebody comes up with a blog idea, so they post on tibbr “We should write a #blog post about the downtown project in las vegas” and of course they may attach a photo if they are out in the field with the tibbr mobile app.

After the user posts this, they go back to work. However, in the background, teamly picks up this post and because there is a “#blog”, a task is created and entered into the blog project and workflow. Meaning you can track from concept all the way through to publishing, all from a simple post by a person with an idea. Nice eh? :)

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tibbr users – supercharge your task management

See the new Teamly tasks video:

New in this release

  • Massive user experience improvements, designed to let you work faster and smarter
  • Custom workflows and designer, letting you tailor your processes
  • Project Management with #project access from wall posts
  • tibbr wall dropdown that lets you create tasks
  • Follow tasks, learn about important changes and act
  • Faster load times and access
  • Detailed task histories, see what changed, when and by whom
  • Question workflow, make sure you always get answers
  • Bug workflow, make sure your reported problems get fixed

We will be diving deeper into some of the new functionality in future posts, make sure you are subscribed to this blog.

Try these improvements by installing the tibbr Teamly Tasks app from the marketplace and enjoy a 30 day risk free trial:).

As always tell us what you think using the comments.