Webinar: Engage Your Employees Everyday and Kill the Annual Review

Register now for our upcoming webinar: May 30, 2013 at 10am Pacific.

With the transition to a knowledge economy employees are the most important asset of nearly every company, so why are we still doing annual reviews the same way we always have?

This webinar will outline the trends in Human Capital Management (HCM) and shows how Teamly and tibbr together provide an effective, real-time way to engage, retain, motivate and align employees. (Organisations with higher employee engagement report 22% higher shareholder returns!).

What we’ll cover:

  • Trends in the workforce and what this means for HR processes
  • tibbr, the Social Network for Work
  • Teamly, Social Performance Management built into tibbr
  • Q&A


Scott Allison, TeamlyScott Allison, CEO, Teamly

A contributor at Forbes.com, Scott is a third time entrepreneur who founded Teamly after seeing the challenge of managing performance in the workplace in his previous company, an award-winning telecommunications provider. At college he studied entrepreneurship, marketing and human resource management in his native Scotland.

Chieng Moua, TIBCO SoftwareChieng Moua, Senior Solution Consultant, TIBCO Software

Chieng is a thought-leader in Enterprise Social Collaboration, currently helping companies successfully deploy the tibbr social platform for knowledge sharing and problem solving. He’s worked with Fortune 1000 companies in his roles as BI and HCM consultant, and additionally was a Product Consultant at PeopleSoft, now part of Oracle.

Register now for our upcoming webinar: Social Performance Management; Engage Your Employees Everyday and Kill the Annual Review.

When: May 30, 2013 at 10am PDT, 12pm CDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CET

Duration: 1 hour, including Q&A.

Audience: Managers, C level execs, and HR Specialists.

Cost: Free


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Teamly unveil Social Performance Management at SHRM Talent Management Conference

Today at the SHRM Talent Management Conference at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas we are unveiling our new Social Performance Management product. Come and see us at Booth 521 for a demo.

Career Development Plans inside Teamly

What is Teamly?

Teamly is a Social Performance Management solution integrated tightly with tibbr, the Social Network for Work. Teamly includes performance reviews, goal management, recognition, and task management. It’s also integrated with tibbr mobile and desktop apps.

Who is Teamly for?

Teamly helps companies – particularly those with a high proportion of knowledge workers – retain, engage and motivate their people.

What problem does Teamly solve?

Teamly brings performance and productivity management to the social arena inside tibbr. By increasing employee engagement, and increasing retention, companies can significantly improve performance.

Why should you choose Teamly?

There is a war for talent going on and you need the right tools to compete. The annual performance review has typically been seen as a chore, and traditional HR software often goes unused. Teamly makes goal setting and reviewing performance more social and engaging than ever before.

Goal Setting and Review inside Teamly

Teamly’s Social Performance Management software has 4 key parts:


Turn periodic performance reviews into a painless process with Teamly Reviews, inside tibbr. Using data already stored on an employee’s Teamly profile a complete picture of employee performance in real-time emerges. A person’s Goals, Recognition and Tasks shared or created using Teamly and tibbr makes this a richer and more complete picture of performance.


Employees are already using tibbr to praise colleagues for their success, Teamly Recognition allows that thanks to be easily captured on employee profiles. Individuals are able to build their reputation and managers are able to more easily recognize star performers.


Align employees around company goals and drive your organization’s performance. Goals created in Teamly are inherently social as they are posted on the tibbr wall. Colleagues’ comments of support and encouragement will be tied to that goal and visible any time by individual or manager.


Teamly Tasks turns a flow of conversations into an organized list. Take discussions on the tibbr wall and turn them into actionable tasks. Conversations about products, customers or suppliers become part of an easy to manage task list right inside of tibbr.

Visit booth 521 to meet with us, get a demo, or request a meeting!

You can also enquire online about Teamly.

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Take a social approach to enterprise performance management

Dwight preparing his performance review - NBC's The Office

The annual review doesn’t have to be a pain, so why is it managers and employees alike dread the whole process? Instead of once-a-year static annual reviews, more and more businesses are discovering that changing to a socially aware approach to managing people, is both easier and more effective. That’s exactly what Teamly does, right inside of tibbr.

There’s a very good business reason to take a real-time approach to performance management; research from HR experts, Bersin by Deloitte shows that companies which revisit goals for employees quarterly, outperform those which set goals annually by more than 30%. That’s why goal setting is a key part of Teamly.

It’s true that for every company, its key asset are its employees, and how you find, recruit, engage, motivate and manage those people is going to make a big difference to everything from customer satisfaction, innovation, and staff turnover.

When you think about HR you realize that nearly every aspect of it can be enhanced by adding a company-wide social platform. The main benefits of company social networks are well understood, including saving time, improved knowledge sharing and more engaged employees. In contrast we hear from companies that the main problem of their HR software is that it just doesn’t get used much.

Instead, with Teamly and tibbr it becomes easy to create reviews, update goals, and plan your actions. Our modules include performance reviews, employee recognition, goal setting and review, and even task management, and it’s been designed around people, not processes. Our integrated approach takes people from thinking and planning, all the way through to implementation and review; accountability in a social context.

Analysts predict that 75% of enterprise-level businesses will have a social platform in 2013, if you’d like to find out Teamly can enhance your HR practices alongside tibbr, visit the Teamly website or get in touch. And if you’re already using tibbr, visit the App Marketplace and click Install.

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A version of this post appeared on the tibbr enterprise social network blog:

Why Businesses Should Stop the Annual Performance Review


Teamly Joins the tibbr® Partner Ecosystem Offering Rich Integration for Employees to Share Accomplishments

TIBCO launching app marketplace on stage

Press Release: TUCON – Las Vegas, NV – September 26, 2012

Teamly – a tool for employees and business managers to raise performance in the workplace – today announced its full integration with tibbr®, a leading social enterprise platform offered by TIBCO, at TUCON 2012. Now when any tibbr customer wants to deploy Teamly there is a seamless integration into employees’ workflow, to manage both tasks and goals.

Integrating Teamly with tibbr opens it up to more than a million employees, working at leading enterprises in over 100 countries around the world.

“Companies use Teamly to drive performance, team alignment and workplace collaboration. Being closely integrated with tibbr amplifies this significantly”, said Scott Allison, co-founder and CEO of Teamly. Continuing Allison stated, “Using separate software tools for organizing work and reviewing employee performance is dead. One tool for both purposes is the way forward, and tibbr and Teamly’s collaboration exemplify this trend”.

The leading analyst in the HR space, Josh Bersin, wrote in a blog about the need for this hybrid approach, “The whole market for performance management software is shifting in a new direction to tools which helps teams align goals, communicate, collaborate, and evaluate their performance… it’s going to be huge. No one owns this yet.”

“Teamly coupled with tibbr provides managers a new, easy way for performance and goals to be measured that was never before possible,” said Sriram Chakravarthy, Vice President, Products and Engineering, Social Computing, TIBCO Software. “By creating a broad ecosystem of partners, we’re expanding the capabilities of tibbr to encompass the needs and demands of businesses across all verticals, empowering their employees to get work done.”

At TUCON (TIBCO User Conference) Teamly co-founders, Scott Allison and Edward Robertshaw will be presenting the Teamly integration to executives from leading enterprises around the world.

Scott Allison, CEO (left) and Edward Robertshaw, CTO (right), co-founders of Teamly at the tibbr exhibition