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Task management software is a simplified way to plan and organize projects, to-do lists, work
priorities, calendars and workflows. It can be used to track and analyze current projects from
start to finish, manage files, tools or data, and keep team discussions in one place.

Benefits of using TEAMLY Free
Task Management Tools


View the current tasks, discussions, manage your work priorities, business intelligence, and files, without having to switch tools or go on a search hunt.

Your staff can chat and work on the same platform, giving them more clarity and providing you with real time insights into every department of your business.

Keep every team member productive with simplified communication, less emails, dynamic organization tools and project collaboration software, so tasks and projects are completed on schedule.

Sync your current tools and platforms to one single task management tool, so you and your staff save time and energy.

The team collaboration tools keep everyone in the loop with easy-to-use drag and drop technology, allowing details and due dates to be modified quickly and easily.

Get more done with our
Task Management Software

How It Works

Create Customized Work Streams
(Task Channels)

Setup is easy and you can create channels
based on departments, projects or customers

Send invites out directly from the platform.
Invite co-workers, contractors or even
key customers.

Start communicating with your
team and working together


Stay on top of the to-do lists and let TEAMLY act as your personal work coordinator.
Check the critical tasks, define the priorities and delegate the work.

No more surprises. Teamly allows you to quickly
manage workflow and prioritize tasks into customized categories.
You can even create custom filters to quickly
drill down into projects.

Tasks are organized and aligned dynamically.
Quickly create customized task channels and filters.
Flexible enough to create channels for departments, products, initiative or vendors.

Organize & Manage Files Effortlessly

Keep track of all your files, quickly and easily

Tasks keep everything tidy

Tasks are automatically organized by
channel so teams can see the big picture
and focus on what is important.

Discussions keep work moving

Optimize communications to enhance collaboration.
Chat and work at the same time
in the same platform.

Organization keeps things in sync

Tasks are automatically organized by
channel so teams can see the big
picture and focus on what is important.

Everyone gets more done

Focus on the process and the task
at hand not the lofty goal down the road.
Little victories lead to big wins.

Is TEAMLY Suitable for My Business?


  • Although each company is different with unique requirements, every business or enterprise benefits from good collaboration software and task management systems. TEAMLY is flexible enough to create channels for each department, vendor, initiative, or product, so your task list stays tidy and prioritized. Each team member can create tasks, leave a task comment, and benefit from more transparent communication methods.


  • If you’re looking for the best task management tools with workflows, you have come to the right place. To give your clients exceptional service, your workflows must be efficient, reliable and cost effective. Teamly uses a simple and customizable system, so you can avoid small leaks in the workflow that can lead to bigger problems later on.


  • Whether you have a small team, or a big organization, things can quickly become chaotic when there’s work to be done. That’s where the right online task manager will lighten the load. Before choosing your project management software, focus on the goals of your company and identify current problems, so you can assess what you really need. Questions to consider are; Does it cover my requirements, is it secure, does it cost, and is it reliable?


  • We’re human too and as a busy company, we understand the need for a comprehensive system of organization, not just another tool that ends up being another thing on the to-do list. We appreciate the initial set-up can seem daunting, so if you need it, we’re always here to help and provide support throughout. That’s why people choose TEAMLY as their task management system.