Leverage Online Collaboration Tools to Enhance Your Business and Save Time

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” 

Collaborate effortlessly online. Easy set-up, no downloads.

Henry Ford

An online collaboration tool allows people to work from anywhere in the world on the same project, at the same time. It simplifies the process of collaborative working and gives real time insights of the progress of each task, instead of having to wait or search for email updates.  

Efficient Collaboration Tools for Students, Teachers and Non-Profit Organisations

When it comes to learning, you want your students to be able to focus on the work at hand, not spend time and energy navigating through complicated tools. The simplest project management software helps students to get started quicker and remain in the workflow for longer. 





As an educator, you can enjoy an organized, concise way of working, even with many students. 

Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.

- Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D.

Students and teachers of all types thrive from simple organization and a visually appealing display of everything they need to know. 

Online collaborative learning tools, like Teamly, makes it easier for students to absorb information, share files, and communicate more effectively. 

Encourage more student collaboration and watch their skills flourish with deeper learning.

Collaborative Project Management Software for Marketing and

Creative Teams  

Let your creative team do what they do best, without wasting valuable time on unnecessary emails and manual task management.

When the everyday duties and admin work is easy to manage, inspiration and energy can flow. Enable those little everyday tasks to get done or delegated, instead of building up to chaos, by having them displayed in a visually appealing way, complete with reminders.

Keep your creative team engaged while keeping business standards high. You can do this by using collaborative project management software with impeccable organization and social elements. This will improve greatly how specific tasks or projects are performed across the entire team.

In any kind of online creative role, there is usually plenty of communication required internally and externally. This can potentially open up opportunities for error, mixed messages or lost information when using numerous platforms.

Keeping all work, files and chat related to each specific task or project together on one platform virtually eliminates these chances, so you can everyone can focus on what’s important.

That’s why Teamly makes a good online collaboration tool for designers and developers, print publications, marketing teams, and many other creative personalities.

Free and Pro versions available to suit your needs.

Collaborative Solutions for Remote Working   


To ensure no one becomes detached from the team, support and initiate regular, easy contact methods

Project Management

Use a good task manager to delegate work and keep everything in order

Due Dates

If your staff are in different time zones, it can become tricky. Stay ahead of everything with a team calendar, task reminders and monitor work in real-time

Keep it Simple

For any collaborative project, you want every participant to stay engaged and enthusiastic, with few complications. Simplicity works, so choose collaboration software with task management, easy file sharing, and chat channels - all on one platform.  

Online collaboration is increasing as the number of virtual companies inevitably rises. This provides a more flexible, cost effective way of working for many companies, but it can hold some of its own challenges.
Here’s how to collaborate with your remote team effectively:

Collaborating with freelancers

Looking for the best tool for managing freelance project teams?

With Teamly you can leave comments and chat on the task, project or directly to a colleague, so you can say goodbye to those back and fourth emails and hello to organized, enjoyable communication.

If you work with freelancers temporarily, or on one-off projects, make them feel part of the team with their own credentials to the task management system. It makes them feel more involved and you get to monitor work in real time and collaborate more easily.

Since some of the best online collaboration tools are built in as standard, less time is wasted on switching platforms. No more rooting around looking for things either, just type a few words into the search bar and hey presto! Everything is there, not dotted throughout emails or Skype conversations, with endless scrolling around.

When freelancers join the team, just add them as a team member, delegate tasks and monitor progress. When they leave, just remove them as a member. That’s what we call no fuss, project collaboration software.

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