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Team task management is a way of creating, organizing, delegating, and monitoring tasks within a group working towards the same goal. To make the team more efficient, project managers often use a team management app that will centralize all tasks, tools, and communication related to each project.   

Simply put, the cloud is like a storage area where apps and tools can run and store data, without having to download anything or take up space on the user’s own computer or server.

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What does cloud based mean?

Cloud-based productivity apps are best for team work as, not only does it make everyone more efficient, it’s a more secure way to work. Since files are stored on the cloud and not a laptop that’s at risk of being stolen or damaged, you have more control over your data.

Benefits of cloud-based working


Work from anywhere.
This makes collaboration easier, especially for people in different time zones.

Never lose work

If your computer crashes, the cloud backs it up for you.

More team collaboration

As everything is on the cloud, the team can access, edit and share files from any computer, at any time.  

The most useful tools for team work are:

Team task board/calendar

You have full visibility of what needs doing, by who and by when.

Co-edit documents

Great for virtual meetings and collaborative projects

Quick file finding

Save time digging around searching by keeping all files related to the project in one place.

Easy file sharing

Share files directly from its location, without having to switch platforms

Internal communication

Vital for a successful team. With Teamly, you can comment directly on the task, on the project or chat directly to other team members.

Is team task management software simple to use?

We designed Teamly to be easy for people of all levels to use. It provides visual project management so you can get the information you need and see the bigger picture.

Give your project management team an efficient platform so they can run projects smoothly, avoid distractions, communicate effectively and keep everything in one orderly place.  

Whether you’re looking for the best tool to manage a large team of freelancers and outsourcers, or you need project management suitable for small teams, TEAMLY allows you to scale up or down easily so when new staff join the team, the project managers can easily incorporate them into the bigger picture. 

Your project managers can monitor tasks in real time and spot things quicker than they could have while working with traditional email updates. The daily task manager makes light work of organizing and minimizes time wasted.
That’s why Teamly is a favorite task management tool for teams of all types and sizes.

Project Management Team Success

Project managers do a terrific job of delegating tasks, making sure deadlines are kept to and being the contact point for the clients and the rest of the team, among other things. What is important for them is keeping their teams engaged and working well so it becomes a highly successful project.

Essential Tools for productive virtual teams

When working with a virtual team, it can be easily manageable while the team is small, but as soon as it grows beyond a handful of people, it can become trickier to juggle everyone and all their tasks without proper tools and organization. Your team need the right tools too, so they can do their best work. What tools are best to use for remote teamwork and why? 

Let’s look at some of the most essential tools for virtual teams of any size and why they are important:

The best way to work with your team online is to ensure a good system, so your team members know exactly what to do and what is expected of them. You can make this process more effective with a project management tool like TEAMLY, where you can easily prioritize, delegate and keep track of every project. 

If some of your colleagues are in different time zones, this also helps to keep a clear eye on progress without you having to wait for updates.

For Managers  

Since everyone is human, it’s understandable that your team will want to know what they are doing in advance, so they can plan-ahead. When working remotely and keeping up with many people it can be difficult to make sure everyone has enough, or not too many tasks going on. 

Using task management software simplifies this process for your remote team. All they do is login, view their tasks, prioritize them in a few clicks on the task board and start working. That means less email for you and more productivity from them.

For Your Team

Effective team communication is the key to a successful virtual business. If your team feels out of touch or like they have no voice, it will be a struggle to find loyal staff. All business is about building relationships and it starts with your team. 

By using a system that keeps all communication organized and related to each task, it’s no stress trying to find past conversations and information when you need it and your team will love the community feel of working with you.

For Everyone

Online collaboration tools that have the ability to co-edit documents are essential for effective virtual collaborations. It means less meetings as your team can work on projects at the same time and you can monitor in real time. That means less email, as you can see documents without asking for it, and more work being done. 

Easy file search and sharing is also important, so your team can easily find what they need and share accordingly.  

For Collaboration

Teamly’s easy-to-use platform includes all of the above tools to help you manage your team remotely while also helping everyone achieve maximum efficiency.

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